Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty

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Understandably, the criminal class consists of a sleepy bunch. The job is physically demanding, the police are always hunting them down, and the work is rather stressful. So it comes as little surprise when these pilfering prowlers fall asleep on the job.

This is precisely what happened to one exhausted intruder after successfully breaking into a house in Glasgow, Scotland. The surprised occupants returned to find their very own burglar, dozing and covered in Doritos. According to the local police, the hungry thief also consumed half a pie.

“Sleeping on the Job! We all feel tired when we start a shift & a thief who started his shift at 2345 yesterday was no different. He broke into a house on Corsewall St, decided on a pit stop, ate half a pie and fell asleep covered in Doritos.

He woke up in cuffs #fingerlickinggood,” tweeted Monklands Police. Reports of burglars falling asleep in their victims’ homes are not uncommon. In 2014, Christopher Provazek was charged with burglary after falling asleep in somebody else’s Houston home. Kevin Connolly woke up at around 4:00 AM to catch a flight, only to discover Provazek slumbering in his guest room. Connolly also found that a number of his personal possessions were missing. He tried waking the sleeping beauty but to no avail. While he waited for the cops to arrive, the Houston resident even took snaps of his intruder.

Connolly speculated that the little Van Winkle had made several trips to his house before succumbing to fatigue. The stolen items turned up on the thief’s porch along with a half-empty bottle of alcohol. A guitar, clothing, an iPad, and the ashes of Connolly’s dead dog (always with the ashes) were among the retrieved items. To add insult to injury, Provazek was wearing one of Connolly’s coats. Cheeky.
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