Picosecond Laser

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Picosecond Laser

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1、Treatment principle
Nd:YAG Laser skin treatment instrument treatment principle is the use of laser selective and Q-switched laser blasting principle, the precise dose of specific wavelength of energy in a very short period of time to a specific structure of a base: the dermis and epidermal Ink, carbon particles and other exogenous pigment particles and endogenous pigment diseases melanoma cells. Pigment suddenly exploded by heat, was crushed into smaller fragments, broken pieces of macrophages after phagocytosis with macrophages into the lymph circulation and thus the pigment is excreted.
2、The main technical parameters, performance indicators:
working conditions:
1, the ambient temperature: 10 ~ 30 ℃;
2, relative humidity: ≤ 75%;
3, the atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hpa;
4, the use of power: AC220V, 50Hz;
5, cooling water: the use of deionized water or pure distilled water.Picosecond Laser

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